Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

~ Scott Adams

I’m going to state the fairly obvious here. And I know it’s been quoted in various ways in motivational speeches and books for years: allow yourself to make mistakes. Perfection does not exist. I think it bears repeating because sometimes some surprising work comes from a place of uncertainty, or from an “oops” moment, as was the case for this little piece.  This piece began as something else entirely, but I had more interest in this after it was completed than anything else I was selling at the time. I abandoned myself to the process and went where it took me. It was fun, and it showed me that rules CAN be broken in creativity. I have recently finished a book on the creative process, and the author LOVES mistakes, and even goes so far to suggest that a degree in the arts, or in English, or whatever, can oftentimes be detrimental to creativity, even stifling, because you feel as though you have to follow certain rules and can’t stretch the imagination or play. (Note: she was in no way suggesting that a degree is unnecessary, just to not let it pigeon-hole you into a rigid way of thinking or doing things.) Something to remember when mistakes happen.

“Beautiful Chaos” (alcohol ink on artist panel)