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Just a quick update to show what I’ve been working on. I love old, worn surfaces: crumbling building facades, patinas timeworn to a glowing luster, buildings full of character in ancient cities and locales across the world. So, I’m starting a new art series called Urban Decay/Timeworn, and here are a couple of the results.  Please feel free to comment or give constructive criticism. The pieces are simple in nature, using colors that might be found in quaint cities in France, Germany, Italy, etc., and using lots of great texture and various mark-making tools to heighten the effect. Working on this series gives me a chance to travel from my work space to these glorious places, full of history and charm. I hope you’ll join me, or take a moment yourself to research an old city or two, and let it take you away to another time.


WIP, “Hidden in Provence”


“Cafe in Paris”


“Street in Provence”