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Having faith in yourself is imperative. Keep creating, and keep marketing. Have faith in your work. And even if it doesn’t sell in your lifetime, who cares? Some of the world’s most gifted artists never sold a piece of work in their lifetimes. Art lives in its own sphere, forever. from “Positive Quotes for Every Day” ~ Patricia Lorenz
“I cannot help it that my paintings do not sell. The time will come when people will see that they are worth more than the price of paint.” ~ Vincent van Gogh
This particular quote from van Gogh turned out to be a prophetic one, and a huge understatement. And it coincides with my blog post from yesterday. But instead of limiting this narrative to the artist, I think it could be applied to any walk of life, no matter the person or circumstances. Even if you’re not as successful as you would’ve hoped, at least you lived a more fulfilling, purposeful life in the process.
 “Vase with Pink Roses” – Vincent van Goghunnamed