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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the unexpected detours my life’s journey has taken me. I think we all have a certain set of expectations as we mature, but fate has a way of intervening; what if I’d married a different person? (not a dig at my husband, just what- iffing!); what if we hadn’t moved to a large city? Then there are the small, day-to-day detours; the unexpected encounters with strangers, or a literal traffic detour on the way to or from work. Are we open to these detours? Do we make the most of the chance encounter and use it as a moment of grace to help another human (or animal!) in need? And what about the literal detours; I know I get very impatient if my route home gets diverted in any way, so lately I’ve tried to adopt a new strategy by cranking up my classical music in my CD player (yes, I still play CDs), or finding a good rock and roll tune on the satellite radio and rocking along. I need to get humble frequently and remind myself that I’m not the center of the universe. Maybe it’s time to accept that sometimes the very best experiences occur along these figurative and literal detours. The piece below is an alcohol ink piece I sold to a collector several ago, and I chose it to share because the title is fitting. Happy traveling!


“Current and Ripples” Alcohol ink on artist panel