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How often do you trust your instincts, your intuition? Sometimes, that’s all we have. I should probably do it more often, especially in the physical sense when I’m creating a piece of art. The same holds true in life: you overthink things, play it safe and go with what you know; or you can branch out, take risks, live up to your potential. Of course, you don’t want to be reckless, but maybe trusting our intuition every once in awhile is a good thing. I’ve noticed that the paintings I try and overthink usually don’t turn out as I planned, while the ones that I let my instincts completely take over are the ones that seem to be my best work. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m just not a planner or researcher when it comes to painting. Some artists plan, make notes, research, and I think that’s great if that is the way you work best. I do try and follow the basic laws of color and composition theory while painting, but the freeing nature of literally going with the flow is what really excites me, and I’ve noticed that in my day-to-day progress through life as well, my intuition has been right more often than not. So I guess I’m saying to trust yourself more. You have more power in your intuition than you realize. The detail shot of the piece below reflects a more intuitive process. The finished piece is here: https://www.terriedwardsart.com/abstracts-available-for-purchase-1/raising-a-ruckus

“Raising a Ruckus”
Mixed media on canvas

raisingaruckus (1)